Projet Smart Track 4 Waterway:

At present, there are no dedicated tools for inland waterway transport, and maritime systems are too expensive for SMEs. This is a critical problem, especially as 85% of European river freight is concentrated in NWE territory. ST4W therefore proposes a management solution for river transport, offering small operators easier and less expensive access to secure data, and allowing them to share a hierarchical monitoring service, complementary to the river information services that locate the vessels. . These tools will be tested, validated and deployed during the project with the support of various partners (shippers, logistic operators, shipowners, ports and terminals, waterways administrations). Longer and closer cooperation between waterway actors and their supply chain partners will enable more customers to use river transport (from mental change to modal shift) and thus reduce CO2 emissions from their waterways. logistics operations. million of road to waterway, ie 40 000 t of CO2 saved by the tenth year after the project.


Smart Track 4 Waterway Project

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