Terms and conditions of use

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  1. Introduction

The information on or through the Website is of a general nature. The information is not adapted to personal or specific circumstances and you therefore may not consider it to be personal or business advice.

IT-OPTICS endeavours to ensure that this information is complete, correct, accurate and up-to-date. Despite these efforts, errors can however slip into the information. If the information should contain errors or if some information should prove to be unavailable, IT-OPTICS shall do everything within its power to rectify this as quickly as possible.

If you find errors in the information available on or through the Website, please contact the site administrator.

  1. Interruptions

IT-OPTICS also shall endeavour to prevent interruptions due to technical errors as far as is possible. Nevertheless, IT-OPTICS cannot guarantee that the Website will be completely free of interruptions or that it will not be affected by any technical problems.

  1. Links and references

The Website may contain links to other websites over which IT-OPTICS does not have any control, either on a technical or a content level. IT-OPTICS cannot therefore guarantee the complete and exact nature of the content, nor the availability of these websites.

The incorporation of links to other websites does not imply any connection, partnership, relationship with or approval of these websites or their content.

If you wish to create links from your own website to the Website, please contact the IT-OPTICS website administrator beforehand.

  1. Liability

IT-OPTICS cannot be held liable for any damage which arises following/or resulting from: 1) the use of the Website or the information available on or through the Website, 2) interruptions caused by technical errors, or, 3) the browsing or use of websites (including links among others) to which you are directed on or through the Website or the information which is available on the latter. IT-OPTICS is not liable even if the fault is qualified as being a "serious error”.

Any use of the information available through or on the Website is consequently entirely at your own risk. Therefore, you are responsible for any choices that you make based on the information that you have obtained through or on the Website.

You guarantee that all the information you send to IT-OPTICS is complete, correct, accurate and up-to-date. You agree to receive a regular email from IT-OPTICS containing an invitation to update the information thus communicated by you.

You agree to take all reasonable precautions in order to prevent your equipment or your data from being attacked by viruses, bugs, Trojan horses etc. IT-OPTICS does not guarantee that the files which are part of or which appear on the Website are compatible with your equipment, nor does it guarantee accessibility to these elements.

  1. Intellectual property rights

No intellectual property rights concerning the Website itself, part of the Website or the information available on or through the Website is transferred to you.

All software provided in order to be downloaded from the Website is protected by copyright. The use of the software is subject to licensing conditions. It is prohibited to download software or to install it if you have not read and understood the licence terms and conditions and if you have not agreed to them. The reproduction or dissemination of the software is prohibited, except in the manner and for the purpose mentioned in the licence terms and conditions.

  1. Username and password

You agree to ensure, as appropriate, the secret and confidential nature of your username and your password. Each use of these identification elements shall be carried out solely under your responsibility and IT-OPTICS cannot be held liable for the fact that unauthorised persons use your username or password. In the event of loss, theft or known or presumed fraudulent use by you of one of these elements, you are obliged to inform IT-OPTICS thereof as soon as possible; this notification must be confirmed by registered letter.

  1. Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

The Website is subject to Belgian law. The Mons courts have, to the exclusion of any other court, jurisdiction to examine any dispute concerning the use of the Website.