The project :

The ambition of the City-Line project is to connect urban logistics operators through an intelligent IT solution.

This is to offer shippers a one-stop shop, which would optimize their operational transport costs while minimizing the environmental impact. The City-Line project provides specific responses to the following points of attention:


  • Green Logistics (communication and proposal to optimize the environmental score)
  • Massification of flows and consolidation of deliveries
  • Capillarity (service oriented towards the end consumer, agile and tailor-made


  • Strategy for using the data generated (data analytics)
  • Easy interconnection of local carriers across the country
  • End-to-end visibility from the transport offer to customer delivery


  • Local anchoring for transport, local operators favored
  • Better inform the end customer of end-to-end visibility
  • Implementation of an ethics charter relating to the quality of the proposed job

The CITY-LINE project has been labeled by the Logistics in Wallonia Pole as part of the Marshall Plan for the Walloon Region.

Project Partners