Backup & Archiving Solutions

We are never immune from an accident or a failure but we can prepare for it. IT-OPTICS offers you professional customised backup and archiving solutions.

Back-up & archiving solutions allow you to save yours and your users data on different supports ( magnetic bands, hard drive, optical disks, ect.). This way, in case of accident or improper handling, the data can be restored quickly.

Various types of incident can occur:

    Loss of a storage medium

Our service offering:

Various media

Storage on tape, disk, RDX, Cloud


Stand-alone or through the use of libraries/changer robots.

Data outsourcing

Outsourcing of data (encrypted or not)

Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)

Setting up a Disaster Recovery Plan in the event of an incident. For fast and effective recovery of data and rapid reboot of the system.

Our expertise

Thanks to our business backup solutions and our expertise, we can protect your information system from potential incidents and data losses.