Customer support & maintenance

IT-OPTICS supports you in your processes by offering you support and maintenance contracts which meet your needs.

Our teams are made up of experienced systems engineers which allow us to provide you with a high-performance support which is relevant to your infrastructures.

In a company background, you must always be ready in cases of cyber-attacks, with the aim of disrupting your services or steal your informations. In this regard, it is crucial to protect your systems with manageable business solutions.

We offer a wide range of à la carte services:

Preventive monitoring

Support – SLA Standard

  • Available 5 days out of 7
  • Response time: 8 hours (max)
  • Framework agreement with our suppliers in order to provide a high-performance hardware repair service
  • A confidentiality agreement

Apart from the Standard SLA, tailor-made contract packages which meet your needs can be offered.

Simple callout management procedure

The teams within our Mons call centre can provide you with efficient follow-up:

  • Call acceptance (telephone, email, automatic warning message, etc.) with encoding of the request
  • Automatic sending of  an acceptance email
  • Dealing with the request
  • Closure of the file, with callout report
  • History of callouts available through your customer area


Support solutions on a human scale

Support solutions on a human scale

Recurring screening of your system, for proactive anticipation of faults

Recurring screening of your system, for proactive anticipation of faults

Preventive Maintenance

With a view to enabling you to have hi service availability while anticipating the potential detection of faults, we offer a customised monitoring service for your business infrastructures. This service has three components:

  • Setting up of real-time automated monitoring of equipment (servers, network equipment, etc.)
  • Periodic monitoring of trace files and services on servers by an engineer
  • Analysis by an engineer of the data collected in order to pick out any anomaly with a view to anticipating a potential breakdown
  • Semi-automated monitoring of servers

Various tools are put in place on systems with a view to enabling real-time information feedback.

Weekly monitoring

Our engineers provide in-depth monitoring of system status according to an agreed recurrence frequency, in order to enable proactive management of your infrastructure.  

Periodic reporting

A report is sent periodically to the customer with a view to giving them a statement of the status of their infrastructure.