Virtualization & Cloud computing

The need to have to respond to a high-performance SLA has become commonplace. Even the least unavailability of your IT infrastructure can result in significant financial losses. This is why deploying clustering, virtualisation and hyper convergence solutions is essential to increase the availability and reliability of IT infrastructures in a transparent and scalable manner.

The advantages of hyper-convergence virtualisation

Reduced costs

Reduced operational costs with relation to IT infrastructures. Optimisation of use of resources


Speed and ease of deployment, increased scalability

Integrated monitoring solutions

Integrated monitoring solutions enable the status of your servers and their load to be viewed in real-time

Major incident security

Enables your DRPs (Disaster Recovery Plans) to be executed more quickly and efficiently.

Save by status

Possibility of taking snapshots enabling a previous status to be restored rapidly.

Better availability

The use of multiple physical servers means that a virtualised infrastructure can be easily "scaled", enabling optimised distribution and allocation of resources

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