Cold Chain Control


EasyControl is a temperature tracking interface incorporating Newsteo technology. It enables fast, accurate monitoring of temperature levels and variations within a transporter or a container.

It is ergonomic and facilitates access to information, guaranteeing fast response in the event of problems and optimise visibility on storage and transport conditions.

Temperatures sensors

Temperatures sensors

Newsteo offers a wide selection of temperatures sensors, perfectly adapted to temperature monitoring with internal or external sensors

Plug & Play

Easy to integrate


Continuous monitoring of temperatures

Quality control

Cold chain compliance

Real Time Tracking

Real-time temperature monitoring


Threshold exceeded alerts

  •     Temperature levels
  •     By location (warehouse etc.)
  •     By transporter (truck)
  •     By container (bin, pallet, etc.)

Quality Management

  •     Ensuring good storage conditions
  •     Deficient service provider traceability in the event of damage
  •     Instant visibility of all temperature readings in progress
  •     Visibility of temperature history per container
  •     Alerts and reports in the event of anomalies
  •     Tasks to be scheduled