Nexxio Glassbin levels sensors

Nexxio level sensors send level data at regular intervals to an information system. The measurement is taken using ultrasound. This data is used and can be used directly in the DeliveryLoop platform where users benefit from an overview of operations, actions to be taken, optimised itinerary management and key indicator reports.

Optimisation of collections

Cost control

Increased visibility

LoRa & Sigfox Networks


  •     Continuous feedback on bin levels
  •     Panoramic overview of all facilities
  •     Levels history per bin
  •     One sensor is associated to one bin
  • Schedule collections in a timely manner
  •     Predict overflows
  •     Prevent unnecessary travel


  •     Maximise the volume and weight of collections
  •     Rapidly calculate itineraries
  •     Optimise deliveries based on criteria
  •     Tablet in the cab for routing and reporting
  •     Post processing module on the delivery*
  •     Monitoring of collection operations in real time

(* FostPlus declaration)