SaaS solutions for logistics and transport activities. Based on the GS1 world standard, our wide range of solutions offers end-to-end supervision of supply chain components, whether serialized or not (packages, assets, RTI’s, resources, temperature-controlled deliveries, etc).
XEOLIS aims to be a collaborative solution by offering information sharing between shippers, carriers / deliverers and subcontractors.
The XEOLIS solution covers a wide range of functionalities through a variety of solutions: Mobile Traceability, RFID Integration, IoT Sensors, Route Optimization, Intervention Tracking, etc.

One objective : To ensure perfect visibility and effective management of your logistics operations.

Use Cases

Smart collect

For smart collection of your waste

Smart Truck Inventory

Automatic inventory process gathered on the ground

RTI Track & Trace

Track your reusable transport items

Cold Chain Control

For temperature monitoring of your deliveries

Order monitoring

Monitor your orders