DeliveryLoop is the base tool which enables us to meet your needs in terms of track & trace of your logistics flows (physical and information).

It manages both reusable transport items (RTI) : pallets, containers, A-frames, etc.    and your logistics flows (monitoring deliveries, transport order monitoring, temperature traceability, etc.)

It is designed to be ergonomic and intuitive, enabling clear and straightforward management.

It covers

Identification Unitaire

Track & Trace



Standardised Solution

Optimised visibility of your business and highlighting of KPIs to boost your company's potential

  • Panoramic view thanks to the dashboard
  • Management made easy and straightforward
  • Incorporation of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Calculate your performance coefficients on different levels   
  • Boost your company's potential


Advantages: Ongoing visibility over the latest actions of your units, reporting on their status and facilitated management of maintenance/replacement processes.

Clear, transparent sharing between partners in the chain

  • Standardised solution
  • International standard
  • Easy exchanges between partners
  • Transparency of information
  • Compatibility with numerous Systems

Track & trace

Accurate tracking by item

  • Item identification
  • Immediate geolocation
  • Instant access to information
  • Status, last logistics actions
  • Itinerary calculation – optimisation of deliveries

Advantages: It allows each RTI to be identified separately and the latter is therefore tracked individually throughout the Supply Chain.

No more item loss and unnecessary tension - geolocation allows you to locate your items directly and access their history...

Ask for your free trial account

This Trial access gives you a view of the platform and its numerous functionalities. As DeliveryLoop is a customised solution, this generic platform is only an outline the final product, which will be completely tailored to your needs. This access includes:

  • Pre-entered dashboard (focus, latest events, notifications, tasks, etc.)
  • View of the address book (group address, individual addresses)
  • View of the inventory of assets (categories, models, individual datasheets)
  • Track & Trace of pre-entered logistics items (Business location)
  • Report on pre-entered events (Business Step)
  • Report on pre-entered item statuses (Provision)
  • Reading points (truck, scanner, etc.)
TRY IT ...

TRY IT ...

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Use Cases

Smart collect

For smart collection of your waste

Smart Truck Inventory

Automatic inventory process gathered on the ground.

RTI Track & Trace

Track your reusable transport items

Cold Chain Control

For temperature monitoring of your deliveries

Order monitoring

Monitor your orders