EasyCase EPC is a solution created for the purpose of providing continuous visibility of the movements of your logistics items, using current low-cost hardware: the smartphone.

It consists of a customised identification and tracking solution for your logistics operations within your Supply Chain. Thanks to its wide acquisition tool panel (barcode/RFID), it allows you, for example, to Track & Trace your transport items as well as capture their statuses. And all this using a simple (Android compatible) smartphone.

When the smartphone becomes an effective tracking tool

It covers :

Item identification

Data capture


Consumer & Industrial

Logistics actions

What do I do next?

Use Cases

Smart collect

For smart collection of your waste

Smart Truck Inventory

Automatic inventory process gathered on the ground.

RTI Track & Trace

Track your reusable transport items

Cold Chain Control

For temperature monitoring of your deliveries

Order monitoring

Monitor your orders