EPCIS is a GS1 world standard which creates visibility on logistics actions carried out and shares this information easily between companies.

The information collected in this way provides unequalled visibility of the Supply Chain and numerous avenues for optimisation.

EPCIS will therefore collect information from multiple sources (portal, scanner, GSM, etc.) with various formats (barcode, RFID, QR code, NFC, etc.) and make these visible for chosen partners.

Advantages provided by EPCIS

Optimised visibility

The increased visibility of logistics events opens up the field of possibilities in terms of Supply Chain optimisation.

Secure solution

The sharing of information is secure, to protect sensitive data.

Sharing information

The data is centralised within a “database” and is available for each partner identified. Sharing of information is fluid and efficient.

International standard

The standard is based on an international standard - the GS1 standard. For standardised information and optimise communication.

What about the 4 big questions?

It answers the four important questions, "what, where, when and why", in terms of accurate and detailed visibility of the supply chain and information on product tracking.

What ?

What ?

What goods are concerned?


When did the operation take place?


Where are the goods located?


What operation was performed?

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