XPdio is a mobile application for error-free tracking of pick-ups and deliveries.

Simple and intuitive, XPdio improves real time tracking of delivery rounds. The key to efficient deliveries and satisfied customers.

An efficient and easy traceability tool for driver and delivery operators.

It provides :

Efficient deliveries

Track & Trace of jobs

Tracking of deliveries

Transparency of information

Unbroken Cold Chain

  • Input of delivery requests
  • Transmissions of requests
  • Transporter notification
  • Real-time geolocation
  • Customer notification
  • Transparency

Functionalities of XPdio :

Running of field team activity:

  • Rapid transmission of information between driver/delivery operators
  • Real time monitoring of interventions (jobs, transport orders)
  • Optimised collaboration between teams
  • Paperless delivery documents

Panoramic visibility for the administrator: :

  • Panoramic view of logistics flows in progress
  • Automation of requests for deliveries and pick-ups
  • Optimisation of driver/delivery operator schedules
  • Can be integrated into your management tools
  • Integration of temperature data into monitoring
  • Compliance with GS1 worldwide standard for exchange of information
  • PI (Key Performance Indicator) Reporting

Stronger customer relationship

Transparency and improved customer interaction :

  • Clear customer interaction, creation of delivery/transport orders
  • Visibility of serialised/non-serialised volumes exchanged (rolls, pallets, trays),emptying
  • Optimised communication in the event of delay
  • Reduction of intervention time (customer monitoring)
  • Automated transmission of activity reports (paperless document for monitoring delivery)

Testimony of a satisfied user :

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Using Xpdio is leading our company to success because it allows us to absorb our growth and to seal trusted collaboration with our wonderful customers.
Hinde Boulbayem - Mobility Manager

Use Cases

Smart collect

For smart collection of your waste

Smart Truck Inventory

Automatic inventory process gathered on the ground.

RTI Track & Trace

Track your reusable transport items

Cold Chain Control

For temperature monitoring of your deliveries

Order monitoring

Monitor your orders