As each need is unique, very often only one specific development enables the specifications to be met in full. Within this context, based on our skills, we offer a specific development type approach, based on a business analysis to supplement the standard software which already exists in your Information System. We carry out different developments in terms of: intranet, extranet, management/back office applications, collaborative tools, mobile applications, etc.

Our aim : to develop your solution so that it meets your needs perfectly.

Types of services

  •     Web applications
  •     Web Service applications – SOAP/REST
  •     Mobile applications
  •     Rich client applications (RCP)

The advantages of customisation:

  • Retain your usual practices and working methods by adapting the software to your organisation
  •      Develop the software at your pace and according to your needs
  • Cover 100% of your needs
  •      Only pay what is necessary and control your budget

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Our added value

  •     We put the emphasis on human relations and a tailor-made service
  •     We rely on standard and proven technologies
  •     We carry out an analysis of your business processes
  •     Multiple skills paired with high-quality methodology and development
  •     Establishing a long-term relationship and meeting our commitments
  •     Finished product guaranteed and provision of sources
  •     We can provide support and infrastructure management

Project Support

When a company launches a project without a methodology, it often experiences difficulties in making practical progress and it has meeting after meeting without moving forward. This causes a drop in motivation and support for the project.

As a consequence, it interrupts the operation prematurely without learning anything from it and it hesitates to re-mobilise staff for subsequent projects.

The project is not conducted and the management of the working group is not performed intuitively. In order to avoid these constraints, you need to rely on proven principles and methods which increase the chances of the project being implemented.

In order to ensure that your projects come to a successful conclusion, we use structured management methods and project certification which focus on three points: the organisation, management and control of the project, specifically using a team of PRINCE2™ certified analysts and developers.