The automated monitoring of Information Systems describes a crucial aspect of your infrastructure. IT-OPTICS provides you with professional, manageable and scalable monitoring solutions.

 Benefiting from visibility of the status of the various components in an IT system is essential in order to be able to guarantee optimum service continuity. In order to do this, each component (and subcomponent) should be periodically checked in order to validate its status, interpret it and log it. Our monitoring solutions allow these tasks to be carried out recurrently and automatically, while giving a system status dashboard and a clear statement in terms of actual or underlying problems.

On demand infrastructures

On demand infrastructures

It is crucial to benefit from a clear visibility on the status of each component of the infrastructure. This way, we can guarantee an optimal continuity of our services.

Our skills at your service


Architecture design based on our skills, our experience and our expertise in information systems.

Integrated models

Configuration models provided with a view to making you autonomous

"Good practice"

Detailed configuration "guidelines" resulting from our expertise

Additional packages

Provision of additional tools, plug-ins and packages developed by us


Customised notification systems in the event of failure/anomaly (email, SMS, etc.)


Coaching the customer with regard to the solution deployed and its management day-to-day according to the standards in force

A complete and customised service offering




IT-OPTICS is an active player in the monitoring solution sector. We offer our services and our expertise on the most well-known solutions. Nagios, Shinken, Centreon, Cacti, etc. Our experience enables our customers to improve the visibility and management of their infrastructures effectively and precisely.

In addition, IT-OPTICS provides its customers with the Easy Monitoring solution. Integrated turnkey solution for all types of infrastructure.

Easy Monitoring